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Risk Management

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In financial planning, risk management is understanding and preparing for potential risks that could affect your financial wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family. A solid financial plan is built around your goals while considering your risks and how you feel about those risks. We help you to draft plans that account for many possibilities, including stock market declines, economic instability, natural disasters, death or disability. These events can devastate your financial income if your risks aren’t managed appropriately.

Every risk-management plan is completely unique and depends strictly on your preferences, needs and feelings. In an effort to understand your risk tolerance on a deep level, we follow these steps:

1. Identify the risks in your life

What keeps you up at night? Are you carrying a heavy debt load? Do you have inadequate insurance to meet your family’s needs?

2. Identify how much risk you’re comfortable having

What risks are you willing to carry? What deductibles are you comfortable paying for an insurance policy? Or premiums? How much would your family need in case of tragedy?

3. Decide how to handle risk

Which strategies fit your preferences? How do you want to balance your risks with the insurance and investment options that are available? Once we’ve determined your personal risk tolerance, we integrate appropriate plans to fit your individual needs.

Individualized Strategies

As part of a comprehensive strategy, we help you to create a tax efficient, well diversified portfolio. We make recommendations for life insurance, disability insurance, long-term-care insurance or health insurance, depending on your individual needs. We educate you on ways to build up your emergency fund while paying down debt so that, should disasters occur, you’re better prepared to face the difficulties that arise. We want to see you implement plans to protect yourself and your family. Our aim is to provide strategies to protect your goals, dreams and income from the potential calamities in life.

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